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You should know about traveling to Turkey

You should know about traveling to Turkey

You should know about traveling to Turkey

Turkey is a country that holds everything together. Beautiful beaches and lovely ruins, modern villages and skyscrapers are a breeze for travelers and immigrants alike. But if you decide to travel to Turkey, be sure to get some information first and avoid a number of things. In this post, we tried to provide you with information about the rules, the musts, and the noises you need to know.

1. Entering the mosque in inappropriate clothes

Turkey’s historic mosques, such as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque or the new mosque, are not just a tourist attraction, but also a place where devout people come to pray. So it is better to wear them in a way that respects them a little. Hold a suit to cover your shoulders and arms. Avoid wearing too short, body-worn clothing.

2. Don’t ride a taxi without a taxi logo

Some taxis get a lot of money from passengers. Embark on safe taxis with a taxi logo to stay safe. There are also apps with which you can get valid taxis.

Go to the passages for shopping

If you go to the shops to shop in Turkey, it’s probably worthless. Try to see markets like Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar or Izmir’s Bazaar. There you can find beautiful traditional crafts, clothing, and unique items.

4. Even if you have a diet, visit this place

Turkish dishes are very tasty. If you are on a diet you really should not skip it because you cannot avoid the dishes that are in front of you. From delicious barbecues to fresh seafood, delicious pastries and milk desserts. So go to Turkey when you don’t have to worry about being overweight or obese.

5. Focus on tourist areas

Indigenous people always advise travelers and tourists to leave Sultan Ahmed and see the rest of the city. Such a suggestion is really true. Outside of the touristy area there are some amazing places you can enjoy. Spend a day or two visiting the main sites, but also finding other areas that are local and experiencing these areas.

6. Be careful when crossing the street

Turkish drivers are probably the worst drivers in the world. You have to be very careful in every situation. Whether you rent a car or cross the street. Always be on the lookout for cars and expect the driver to obey the rules just like your own country. Especially in a big country like Istanbul where there is a lot of traffic.

7. Always have cash

Credit cards are accepted in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, but many smaller cities require cash. You also need cash to pay for taxi fares and more.

8. Do not rinse water

It is true that the quality of piping water varies from one area to another, but nowhere in the country is used for drinking water. However, for cooking, it is best to make tea after boiling and brushing your teeth, provided you do not dip the water. Water purifiers are deployed in major cities, but indigenous areas use reliable water piping.

9. Tea is a sign of hospitality

When you head to Istanbul’s historic neighborhoods or the small towns of Tampere, each cup is ready to drink several cups of tea. So eager to drink tea, that the shopkeepers may stop shopping and offer you tea. Or visit a guest house, bring fresh tea and get upset if you don’t drink.

10. It is not pleasant to be loved in public

Street kissing is almost uncommon in Turkey, even in liberal Turkish areas. But it’s okay to get it. However, be careful in traditional areas.



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