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Turkish Restaurants

Turkish Restaurants

If you want to get to know Turkish restaurants, you need to know a little about this country. It is geographically between the two continents of Asia and Europe, culturally influenced by Iran, Greece and other countries in the region. So it’s not surprising that Turkish cuisine, like its culture, is very diverse and colorful. Almost all Turkish restaurants use fresh local ingredients that are available every day of the year thanks to the mild climate and rich Mediterranean.
Although most travelers are looking for the best Istanbul restaurants, there are many other restaurants in Turkey that serve delicious food in a traditional or modern world. Here are some of these restaurants.

Istanbul Restaurants
1. Tugra
Located in one of the historic palaces of Istanbul, this restaurant is one of the most famous Turkish restaurants. As you go to this restaurant for dinner, you can stroll a little in the days of the Ottoman Empire. This restaurant has a list of delicious Turkish cuisine offered with a great service. The restaurant’s marble column terrace has stunning views of Istanbul’s coastline.
2. Ulus 29
If you’re looking for local Turkish cuisine, don’t miss the Ulus 29 Restaurant. The restaurant uses fresh food and traditional cooking techniques. Of course, the meat of the restaurant is also famous. The restaurant’s elegant décor with turquoise tiles and artistic decorations creates an attractive and relaxing atmosphere for dining. The restaurant offers a variety of Turkish dishes and seafood in the evening for lunch.

3. Gram
If you’re looking for super-professional chefs in Turkish restaurants, head to the Gram restaurant in Istanbul. I saw Seoul is a popular chef at this restaurant who also writes about cuisine. He is well known for his special cooking recipes. He incorporates an important part of Turkish food culture into his cooking recipes. At this restaurant you can also try the special chef’s dishes that are cooked using beans.
Ankara Restaurants
4. Washington
One of the most special restaurants in Turkey is the Washington restaurant in Ankara, even visited by American politician Hillary Clinton. Almost 70 years old, this restaurant is one of Ankara’s oldest restaurants with a classic, velvet furniture and beautiful vivacious atmosphere of the city, giving you a classic and unforgettable experience. At this restaurant you can find all kinds of Turkish kebabs with a variety of local spices.
5. Trilye
The trailer restaurant is one of the most popular Turkish seafood restaurants. A variety of seafood such as shellfish, swordfish, crabs and octopus are served at the restaurant. One of the striking features of this restaurant is the luxurious dining room with its large windows overlooking the garden courtyard. Inside the garden is full of apricot and cherry trees decorated with blue lights.

6. Leman Kültür
Another Turkish restaurant is Leman Kultur Restaurant, located in Ankara. Of course, different branches of this restaurant are located in most cities of Turkey. The restaurant’s name comes from a Turkish comic book, and naturally, the restaurant’s decor has created a lavish dining space using crowded, colorful comic designs. In this restaurant you can order different types of chicken rolls and sandwiches.
Izmir Restaurants
7. Deniz
Below is a list of the best Turkish restaurants in the popular and beautiful city of Izmir. One of Izmir’s restaurants is Deniz, which serves a variety of tasty and quality seafood. The restaurant also has a seafront dining hall that provides a beautiful and unbeatable sea-side view. Seasoned fish from the Black Sea are among the best dishes in the restaurant.
8. Kofteci Remzi
Ramsey Cocktail may not be one of the oldest restaurants in Turkey, but with over half a century of experience, it is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Izmir. Located in the heart of the city, this restaurant serves various types of Turkish barbecues and meatballs. If you are looking for some authentic Turkish food in Izmir, you will be directed to this restaurant. Excellent service and quality catering are the reasons for the popularity of this restaurant.



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