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Turkey Tours

Turkey Tours

Turkish tours are one of the attractive options for Iranians to travel and for several reasons they make their choice.
The first reason could be the geographical location of this country, located in northern Iran and at the intersection of the continent of Europe and Asia, which has made us attractive to Iranians.
It should also be noted that Turkey is 1660 kilometers in length from east to west and 550 kilometers wide and has a special shape that has a major role in the economy and tourist attraction of the country.
One of the attractions of Turkish tours is its currency.
The currency of the country is Lear, which accepts tourists in most dollar and euro shopping and entertainment centers.
Here are some of the important Turkish phone numbers you may need during your trip.
• Firefighting (Yangın): 110
• Driving (Alo Trafik): 154
• Police (Polis İmdat): 155
• Ambulance (Hızır Servis): 112
• Jandarmaİmdat: 156
• Forest fire (Orman Yangını): 177
Price of Turkish tours:
There are various factors affecting the price of Turkish tours, some of which are:
• Hotel reservations with meals and reasonable prices and excellent quality
• Plane round trip ticket prices
• Services provided with Turkish tours
• Transfer and airport shuttle for roundtrip
• Tour travel insurance
• Farsi Leader Tour in Farsi fluent in English and Turkish
• Free city tour
• Turkish SIM and…

Booking Turkey Tours:

To book a tour, you must first select your desired date and choose the appropriate tour according to it.
You also need to pay close attention to the cost of the tour and make a reservation.
Cheapest Turkey Tours:
In the section on choosing cheap tours, just measure the cost of the tour, select the tour cost center and choose the most appropriate tour.

Last minute tour:

Because there are charters along the Turkish tours, it is easy to find your last minute tour.
Last-minute tours have the satisfaction of tourists, which are on tours all year round.
Last minute tours are offered according to the changing route and are accepted by tourists on close days.
There are not many opportunities to choose a cheaper last minute tour in the closing times of the Turkish tours.
It should also be noted that the capacity of such tours is limited and may be booked very soon and you cannot select your desired tour.
Also, when booking last minute tours, note that all flights have been sold at this time and may not be able to accommodate many.

Turkey Tours & Attractions:

This country with rich culture and modern hotels with modern or traditional decoration and many ancient and historical monuments has become an attractive destination for travelers.
The varied domestic tours that take place in the hotel lobby can set you on a memorable journey through the sights, restaurants, shopping and sightseeing of Greek monuments and Ottoman mosques.
Why Choose Turkey Tours:
Turkey has a temperate climate in summer, but ours is cold all season, so it is the best season to travel to.
Also note in the selection of Turkish tours that this country is one of the European Muslim countries that are particularly sensitive to their religion and beliefs.
The tours to Turkey are for different cities, which are organized by land and air.
Since these tours are well-priced and close to our country, there are many flights from the Iranian airport to the Turkish airport.
However, it is important to note that the Turkish people are very sensitive to their language and do not speak any other languages.
So I advise you to speak Turkish a little bit in order to be able to communicate better with them.
Other reasons for choosing Turkish tours could be visa-free entry.

Some of the attractions of choosing Turkey are:

• Diverse tourist attractions
• Aegean Sea scenery
• Shopping malls with good prices
• Representing different clothing brands
• Delicious Turkish and Mediterranean dishes
• Iranian concerts
Variety of Turkish Tours:
As mentioned, the tours of this country vary greatly depending on your destination, some of which are:
• Antalya Tour
• Istanbul tour
• Kusadasi Tour
• Marmaris Tour
• Bodrum tour
• Combined tours of Turkey
• Ankara Tour



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