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Top Three Cities in Turkey

Top Three Cities in Turkey

Top Three Cities in Turkey for Living and Buying Property

Freedom of religion and free attitude are common aspects of life in Turkey’s largest cities. Although the majority of the city’s population is Muslim, there are still many places of worship for other Christian denominations or Jewish faithful. This freedom is partly due to Istanbul’s international character. In this city many races live side by side. It has always been a large city and has experienced steady population growth since the 1980s. Part of the reason for this demographic trend is that many people in rural areas are hoping to find a better life in this big city. Istanbul, with more than 15 million people, alone has a population of more than 131 countries.

Studying in Istanbul

There are various international schools for immigrant children in the city. Most of them follow a nationwide curriculum. Although the language of instruction at these schools is usually English, they still welcome children from different countries. They also offer English language courses to help their students as needed. There are also some schools, such as a German school or a French high school for specific nationalities living in Istanbul.
There are many public and private universities in Istanbul that provide many opportunities for higher education. Some public universities in the city include:
University of Istanbul
University of Galatasaray
University of Marmara
University of Fine Arts
Health care
There are many hospitals in Istanbul that provide the highest level of medical care. Most of them are certified and equipped with the latest technology. These hospitals do not just provide basic examinations and treatments. They also have special units for plastic surgery, organ transplants or LASIK treatment, as well as psychological or nutritional and dietary issues.
Benefits of Buying Property in Istanbul
Buying property in Turkey has the benefits of getting a residence in Istanbul. Istanbul has different conditions to suit any taste. You can buy real estate in the city center and lively, or in one of the luxurious beachfront villas you can provide for yourself and your family in complete peace of mind. Benefits of living in the city Dynamic economy, good recreation facilities, excellent health care And its disadvantages can be traced to the bustle of this city.


If you are looking to make a difference in your lifestyle in Turkey and pursue a new career, Ankara may be the perfect destination for you. This attractive capital city, with a wide range of opportunities for immigrants as well as a vibrant culture. The key city of Turkey, with about 5 million inhabitants, is the capital of the country, the center of technological and innovation growth, and has a long history to discover.
Training in Ankara
If you have children, you want a strong education system for them. One of the key factors in migrating to a new city is its powerful education system. When you live in Ankara, schools for children between the ages of 5 and 5 have free public and private facilities. International schools in the city are available for students. The city is home to some of Turkey’s top universities and the Turkish National Police Academy.
Healthcare in Ankara
Ankara has an extensive health care system and provides residents with regulations on social security and private health care. Many employers not only provide health insurance for all workers, but also their families. The city’s doctors are among the best in the world and have dozens of health centers that care for you and your loved ones if they do.
Buy property in Ankara
The first advantage of buying a property in Ankara is its historical and tourist attractions. Another advantage of this city is the presence of many shopping malls as well as close proximity to Istanbul. Also, the traffic in Ankara is more acceptable than a city like Istanbul. The cost of living is lower than Istanbul and an important tourist destination.


Overall, Antalya is a very touristy and modern city compared to other cities around Turkey. This city is full of beautiful landscapes, luxury resorts and hotels Antalya’s natural and tourist attractions can top Turkey’s most beautiful cities
Religious, racial, economic and cultural diversity
Like Turkey itself, Antalya is a mix of cultures, ideas, feelings and tastes. The people of Turkey are predominantly Muslim, but the ground is open for other cultures, religions, lifestyles, etc. Even in western Turkey, this is even more so. Antalya is a tourist town full of Europeans and Russians visiting it.

Buy Property in Antalya
Most of Turkey’s cities have been experiencing declining population in recent years, however, because of its dynamic and booming economy, it has always had positive population growth. Can be. In addition to luxury and expensive villas, the city offers affordable and affordable real estate, as well as being a tourist attraction to get the most out of your rentals. Buying property in Turkey in this city can enjoy a wonderful life in a beautiful city



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