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The most luxurious homes in Istanbul

The most luxurious homes in Istanbul

The most luxurious homes in Turkey can definitely be found in Istanbul. Due to the unique location of Istanbul and its unique architecture, which combines Asian and European style, there are hundreds of millions of dollars worth of unique mansions in the city. In this article we are going to introduce you to the most luxurious Istanbul houses.

Erbilgin Mansion

Erbil is the most expensive mansion in the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul. This mansion is right by the sea and is worth about $ 200 million. With 64 rooms, the Erbil Building is one of the largest and most luxurious Istanbul houses.

Hasip Pasha Mansion

The mansion, also known as Kalkana, was built during the Ottoman rule. Construction of this luxurious mansion began during the reign of King Mahmoud II. For years, the mansion belonged to a wealthy Turkish family called Kalavan and is now valued at about $ 160 million.

Mossiri Storm Zakipasha (Tophane Müşiri Zeki Pasha)

If you’ve been to Sultan Mehmet’s Fathi Bridge in Istanbul, your eyes will be on this beautiful mansion. Once considered one of the most luxurious and luxurious houses in Istanbul, it was built in the nineteenth century during the reign of Ottoman sultan Abdul Hamid II. Its architect, Alexander Wolverie, was famous. The mansion, much of which is covered by moss and vegetation, is now worth about $ 125 million.

Muhsinzade Mansion

Not only is it one of Istanbul’s most luxurious homes, it is also one of the most expensive homes in Istanbul. Mohsen Zadeh is one of the most expensive buildings in the Bosphorus Strait of Istanbul and is valued at $ 155 million. In recent years, however, the building has been used as a hotel for tourists and travelers alike. Although the appearance of Mohsenzadeh’s mansion looks very fresh, it has been more than two centuries since its construction.

Tahsin Bey Mansion

Taksim Beylı Mansion is named after Taksim Ozel, the first designer of dams in Turkey. Located in Yenikuyu, it is one of the expensive $ 115 million Istanbul homes.

Kont Ostrorog Mansion

The mansions of Kent Strog with its unique architecture amidst the glittering reds of the Bosphorus Strait coastal houses. The first owner of the mansion was a lawyer in the Ottoman Empire. Located in the Kennedy area, this property was purchased in 2000 by a man named Rahmi Kuch. The luxury mansion is now worth $ 105 million.

Mansion of Ahmad Fathi Pasha (Fethi Ahmet)

Ahmad Fathi’s mansion is an example of authentic Ottoman-era architecture, valued at about $ 150 million today.

Kıbrıslı Mansion

One of the longest beachfront mansions in the Bosphorus is the Kibreysley Mansion, stretching 64 meters along the Bosphorus coast. Kibrisli is one of Istanbul’s most luxurious homes, valued at $ 120 million.

Zarif Mustafa Pasha’s Fine Mansion

In the past it was one of the largest houses in Istanbul. However, parts of it have been destroyed today. This luxury home in Istanbul is currently worth $ 85 million.

Nuri Pasha Mansion

Nuri Pasha’s mansion was built in Bikoz around 1895 during the reign of Abdul Hamid II. With its European-style architecture, the mansion is now worth $ 80 million.




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