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The most delicious Turkish dishes

The most delicious Turkish dishes

The most delicious Turkish food you should not miss!
The rich heritage of the Ottoman Empire and other governments is not limited to its historical palaces and mansions; Turkish cuisine is also part of its cultural and traditional heritage that is widely recognized worldwide. So much so that no matter where you go, you will find a famous Turkish chef who cooks a variety of Turkish dishes in an oriental restaurant.
Like most people, you probably know Turkish kebabs or turkey meatballs, but here’s a selection of great tastes from the great world of Turkish delicacies that we suggest you miss while on your trip to Turkey. Don’t give up. So stay with us!

1. Mounts

One of the traditional Turkish cuisine that is also popular in India is mountaineering. This Turkish dish is made from beef or lamb with garlic, Turkish spices and luscious tomato sauce. Usually in Turkey this dish is served with yogurt or butter.
2. Lahmacon

If the Italians have pizza, the Turks have Lahmacon too! This dish is a very tasty combination of fresh bread, minced meat, lettuce, onions, chopped parsley and lemon juice that can be wrapped and sandwiched. Fresh lamb with Mediterranean spices has made it one of the best Turkish dishes on the Turkish streets.
3. It’s me

If you take a look at the list of Turkish cuisine on the menu of its restaurants, you will not find the name of this dish. But just have a day at the Turkish people’s house to cook a delicious breakfast of eggs, onions, chili peppers and oregano. This dish, which is called mine, is usually served with salty or seasoned olives.
4. Sis Kebab

Turkey is a country that has introduced various kinds of barbecues to the world. Sis Kebab is a popular kebab among Turkish dishes made from lamb. This dish is served with special sauces, vegetables, onions and yogurt. If you’re shopping or strolling the streets of Turkey, be sure to try the many barbecues on your way and try this delicious barbecue.
5. Doner

Donuts are a kind of sandwich barbecue made with chicken, lamb or mutton. The meat inside of this sandwich is flavored with Turkish spices and yogurt and, after roasting, is put into the sandwiches with fresh vegetables. Doner is one of the most popular Turkish cuisine among tourists.
6. Corba

You can find even meats in Turkish soups. Corba soup is a tasty Turkish dish made from lentils, tomatoes, tongue or lamb kernels. This tasty soup is a little heavy and can be served as a main dish.
7. Alexander Kebab

The Alexander kebab, made from lamb chops, is one of the most popular Turkish dishes. Named after one of the Ottoman emperors, the dish is served with spicy tomato sauce, pita bread and melted butter.
8. Stop

The bottom of one of the amazing Turkish dishes is cooked with a variety of Mediterranean seasonings. This dish is made from spicy and savory dough with spicy spices, spinach, onions and vegetables that has a unique aroma.
Turkish Vegetarian Foods
In addition to barbecues and meat dishes, Turkey has many vegetarian options. For this reason, anyone with any taste can enjoy Turkish food. Here are some of the vegetarian foods in this country:
9. Seagull Dumplings

Tasty Seafood Dumplings are corn, onions, peppers, tomato paste, Turkish spices and vegetables that are all mixed and cooked. Originating in southern Turkey, it is one of the oldest Turkish foods. This dish is made with both meat and meat.
10. Litter

Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you should try this delicious Turkish dish on your trip to Turkey. This dish is made from cooked rice, eggplant, chickpeas, cumin, cinnamon, thyme and pepper. This delicious, golden rice is very popular in Turkey. In some parts of the country, of course, they also cook pilaf with roasted or chopped meat. This dish is known in India as Palu.



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