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The most beautiful sights in Samson Turkey

The most beautiful sights in Samson Turkey

The most exquisite and beautiful scenery in Samsun, Turkey
Samson, one of Turkey’s historic and tourist towns, is located next to the port and attracts many tourists and tourists every year. Samson is a seaport city and is located west of the Ghezel Irmaq River. The old name of this city is Amisos. At first, Samson may not be famous in other provinces of Turkey, but in fact it has a remarkable and historic scenery. From breathtaking valleys to important historic ruins, we’ve explored Samson’s beautiful attractions, which we will continue to highlight.
Samson Weather:
As we know, Samson is a port city on the Black Sea coast, so it’s always cloudy and rainy. The highest temperature in August is 27 ° C and the coldest month is 3 ° C below zero, which is in January. There is little snow in this city.
Best time to travel to Samson:
The best time to travel to Samson is in the spring. Samson has a temperate climate this season and is well suited for travel.
Shipping cost to Samsun Turkey:
There is a taxi, a metro and a bus to the city. But I have to say the taxi fare is a bit expensive and we suggest a subway or bus if you want to be economical. The ticket costs between 4 Lir to 18,000 Lir.
1. The Kaya falcon
Certainly one of the most breathtaking sights of Samson is the Shahin Kaya Valley located on the Altınkaya Dam Lake in the Ministerial Capro area and is Turkey’s second largest valley. Visitors can take tours not only of the historic houses of Ottoman and Sajid Wazir Kapoor mines, but also sail 1.5 km through the valley through the Ghezel Irmaq (Red River).
2. Onur Anıtı statue of honor
The statue of honor, or Onur Anıtı, also known as the Atatürk Monument, is located in Ataturk Park in the İlkadım district of Samsun. Designed by Austrian designer Heinrich Kripple, it was dedicated to Ford Ataturk in Samsun, which marks the beginning of the Turkish war for independence.
3. İkiztepe hill
The İkiztepe hill (Burial hill) in the village of İkiztepe in the Bafra district of Samson, belongs to the Lydians, the Anatolian people who rose to power in the 6th and 7th centuries. It is an astonishing ruinous hill that is almost hidden in the rural landscape of İkiztepe.
4. Amisos hill
It was on the Amisos hill that the Amisos treasure (a huge collection of numerous golds that were purportedly owned by King Pentus) was discovered in 1995 during reconstruction. At the same place there is a hill with two tombs, with lovely wooden walks under the pine trees overlooking the Black Sea.
5. Oren’s broom
Oren Samson’s Rural Village, with breathtaking natural scenery, is located far from the urban world. The village is also famous for its beautiful Oran Ridge waterfall.
6. Samson Museum of Archeology and Culturology
One of the most important museums of Samson is the Museum of Archeology and Culturology, which features a mosaic of Roman times, plus gold, coins, and works by Catholics, related to the Arsenal and the Hittite period.
7. Minister Copro
The origin of Secretary Copro, a region of Samson, dates back to the ancient Hittites, whose habitation dates back to 2000 BC. You will not only find the beautiful natural scenery there, but you will also find many Ottoman-era houses and mosques downtown that have been rebuilt, such as the historic Tashan and the Ottoman caravanserai.
8. Lake Ladik
Lake Ladik is a beautiful lake in the middle of the mountains in Samsun where you will find one of the most exquisite scenery there. Fishing is one of the fun of those who come to the lake.



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