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The main reasons for choosing Antalya for travel and living

The main reasons for choosing Antalya for travel and living

The main reasons for choosing Antalya for travel and living

The dream of going to Antalya and living in this beautiful city along the Mediterranean coasts is not lost on many people. This vibrant seaside town is famous for its citrusy capital. Because it has a lot of orange juice. Antalya, after Istanbul, is the second destination for tourists and migrants to visit Turkey. According to the Turkish government, Antalya is second in terms of home sales to foreigners. Some for investment, some for permanent residence and some for touring. So in the streets of the city you will probably hear more than one language and speak different languages. Why do most people prefer this region to other parts of Turkey?

1. Cost of daily living

The cost of living in Antalya is 12% cheaper than living in Istanbul, and 43% cheaper than living in London. All in all, low prices for utilities, and daily necessities are what attracts most immigrants to Turkey, no matter where in Turkey they now live.

The price of cigarettes and alcohol has risen dramatically over the past five years, but the cost of food is cheaper than in other countries.

2. Great water and air

Turkey officially has three different climate systems, and Antalya falls under the CSA climate classification due to its Mediterranean climate and warm summers with rainy and mild winters. The rainy season is from January to March, and for nine months citizens enjoy outdoor living.

Think about alfresco dining, swimming in the sea at Christmas, warm weather in March, and darkening bronzes in July and August. Apart from the pleasurable weather, some immigrants to Antalya believe that warm weather contributes to chronic diseases such as arthritis and skin tenderness. These ideal weather conditions also make them more active, thus helping them live healthier lives.

3. Fresh and nutritious diet

In general, Turkey is a country that cares about a healthy diet and has not embraced fast food like other countries. Despite being a mainstay in fast food towns, most Turks still insist on cooking and eating fresh foods made with the best ingredients. Salads like nuts and fruits are usually on the tables.

Frozen foods in Turkey are expensive and, according to Turkish tradition, there are still weekly farmers markets. Whoever is looking for his health Antalya is a good place.

4. Plenty of volumes

Apart from the main center of Antalya, many smaller seaside resorts are spread over considerable distances and give immigrants a wide choice of destinations to live there. Each of these destinations has unique characteristics to attract a particular type of buyer. The small hill town of Kalkan is an attractive destination for luxury buyers because of its modern villas. While Belek is attractive to sports enthusiasts because of its status as the Turkish capital of golf. Alanya also attracts beach lovers because of the miles of sand dunes that have been expanded. Those who want to be at the heart of the business choose the important center of the city, while its outskirts still retain its reputation as a fascinating fishing town of historic significance.

Airport with international and domestic flights

The excellence and excellence of the local Antalya airport has given the city a significant reputation. With hundreds of domestic and international flights per week, Antalya travelers have easy access to the rest of the country and the world, especially Europe. The Antalya International Terminal is crowded all summer long, with hundreds of nationals arriving on holiday and even in the winter, while other major airports such as Bodrum and Dalmatia are more or less vacant, Antalya Airport still has passengers.

6. Unlimited choice to buy

From simple weekly shopping malls to home decor or wardrobe upgrades, Antalya offers the best shopping facilities in all of Turkey. The main supermarkets are in the small towns of the area, and the city’s main city center covers all comprehensive shopping passages. Including the Terra City Shopping Center, Outlet Depot, and the Big Migro Shopping Center where immigrants find everything they want, such as cinemas, branded shops, and more.

7. El Fresco dining and nightlife sights

Due to the large size of the area, the choice of nightlife is endless. Most Antalya settlers prefer Mediterranean seafood, especially in summer. Afternoon cool weather is well worth the time for friends to come together and enjoy fresh fish, seafood and companionship.

8. Simple turnover

The distinct advantage of the D400 is that it connects all the seaside resorts and downtown, making it easy to get anywhere, anytime. Regular bus service and cheap services are available to travelers. Antalya is one of the best places to travel by road in Turkey.

9. The heart of Turkey’s Ray Vera shipping

Antalya is one of the pivotal points of Turkey’s Rey Viera. Boats leave the port every day to take passengers on cruises around the coast.



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