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Obtaining the Turkish Tax Code

The only tax authority in Turkey is the Turkish Tax Administration. You need to go to one of the nearest tax offices to get your tax code. The only documents required to obtain this passport code are a copy of the front page. It is noteworthy that tax office personnel receive your address in Turkey. In fact, with a passport and a valid legal address you can easily obtain a Turkish tax code. This code does not require any payment.

Turkish Tax Code

The Turkish Tax Code, or Vergi Numara, is a 2-digit code that will be used as an identification code in all administrative departments. It doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner or a citizen of Turkey, however, you must submit a Turkish tax code to carry out any office work. The tax code in Turkey is similar to the national code in Iran. You need a national code for doing business in Iran. The tax code has the same effect in Turkey.

Foreign tax code for Turkey

If you would like to stay in Turkey as a foreigner for a long time, you will need this code to do some of the work. For example, opening a bank account, renting a car, or buying a car are things that require a Turkish tax code. You even have to provide a tax code to buy a SIM card. So if you want to stay in Turkey for a while, take your tax code first.