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Residence permit in Turkey

Residence permit in Turkey

Residence permit in Turkey
Applying for a Residence Permit in Turkey If you are not a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and wish to stay for more than 90 days on the Turkish border, you must apply for a residence permit and become familiar with immigration laws. If you have a valid visa, you can apply for a residence permit if your visa expires at the country’s borders or after a maximum stay of 90 days.
Foreigners residing in Turkey mainly fall into the following categories:
o Short-term residence permit
o Family residence permit
o residence permit
o Long-term residence permit
o Humanitarian residence permit
o Residence permit for victims of human trafficking
Here is a brief explanation of each of these types of accommodation

Short-term residence permit: A short-term residence permit is the perfect solution for those who wish to live in Turkey for a longer period than their visa allows and do not need to stay in Turkey for long. This permit has various types of “reasons for staying” as stated in the permit application form, this type of residence is also mistakenly referred to as “tourist accommodation” because the main reason for this type of tourism is staying. Short-term foreigners are permitted to meet any of the following conditions in accordance with the provisions of the Aliens Act and international protection.
Foreigners who come to the country for scientific research.
o Foreigners who will own real estate in Turkey such as home, office, land, etc.
o Foreigners who create their jobs on the condition that their partners are invited to the country or employ Turkish people.
o Foreigners participating in job training programs.
o Foreigners who come to participate in educational programs or similar programs as part of student exchange programs or agreements that the Republic of Turkey is a part of.
o Foreigners wishing to stay for tourism purposes, provided they specify the places they visit, their duration and place of residence.
o Foreigners who intend to receive medical treatment in Turkey as long as their illness is not a threat to public health.
o Foreigners who are required to reside in Turkey at the request or decision of judicial or administrative authorities.
o Foreigners’ residence becomes a short-term residence permit if the family residence permit criteria are not met.
o Foreigners who want to go to Turkey to learn Turkish.
Foreigners will participate in a training, research, internship or any training course through a public agency.
o Turkish citizens of the Republic of Northern Cyprus

Family residence permit
Turkish citizens as well as foreign nationals residing in Turkey under any type of residence permit are entitled to grant residence permits to:
1. Foreign spouse
Foreign children of their own or their spouse
3. Foreign children needing their own or spouse’s care.
Under immigration law, if the resident has more than one spouse, the family is only allowed to stay with one spouse and all of his children, including other spouses. Mutual consent of parents living abroad when applying for a residence permit for children under the age of 18 is required. The family residence permit allows young children to attend pre-university education until they are 6 years old, then they must apply for student residency.
Residence permit
Foreigners may obtain a residence permit in accordance with foreign regulations:
o Foreign nationals who do not have family residence (up to the age of 18)
o Foreign nationals who need to pursue an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree or to study medicine or dentistry in that country.
Student residence permits are granted for a period of study that does not exceed this period.
Humanitarian residence permit
Under the following conditions, humanitarian residence permits may be granted for one year. You can also extend your humanitarian residence permit.
o If it has many benefits for the child
o If the expulsion of a foreigner from Turkey is not reasonable and possible, even if the foreigner is subject to the decision of expulsion or prohibition of entry.
o If it is not possible to decide to deport because of the provisions of Article 55 of the Aliens and International Protection Act.
o During the process of returning international protection applicants to the first asylum or safe third country.
o In exceptional circumstances.
Residence permit for victims of human trafficking
The permit is granted to foreigners who are victims of human trafficking in accordance with the regulations. The license will be issued by the government for thirty days. If needed, renew for 6 months. However, the residence permit for victims of trafficking in human beings should not be longer than 5 years. This is one of the rules of immigration to Turkey.

Long-term residence permit
A foreigner in Turkey with a valid, uninterrupted, legal residence permit for 8 years can be eligible for a long-term residence permit for an indefinite period, but aliens who are classified as refugees and asylum seekers and Or foreigners holding a residence permit for humanitarian purposes or under temporary protection are not eligible for a long-term residence permit. This is one of the immigration laws. In addition, foreigners must meet criteria for eligibility for a long-term residence permit. These criteria are:
o No need for social assistance in the past three years
o Must have adequate and regular resources for personal or family livelihoods.
o Must have a valid health insurance.
o They should not be considered a threat to public order and security.
It is also possible to revoke their long-term residence permit if they stay abroad for more than one year for reasons other than health, education and compulsory public services.
Residence permit in Turkey for 1 year
The conditions for short-term renewal of residence in Turkey have changed in year 6. Under the new Turkish residence permit law, the terms of Turkey’s short-term tourist stay will be changed this year. The duration of a tourist’s stay in Turkey will be one year.

The new legislation does not include nationals of OECD member states, the European Union, Russia and the People’s Republic of China. According to the Turkish Residence Law in year 5, nationals of these countries can travel to Turkey upon expiry of their temporary residence permit in accordance with the existing rules.
According to the Turkish Residence Law, persons wishing to extend a tourist stay can return to the country at least one year after the end of their tourist stay. However, people who have immigrated to the country through tourist accommodation can then change their type of residence for work, education or permanent residence. Last year, the depreciation of the Turkish government, which sought to attract foreign investment, made some of the immigration laws easier for foreigners.
Change of citizenship conditions for aliens in Turkey
Previous rules New rules
Bank deposits $ 3 million;
Fixed capital of two million dollars;
The value of the purchased house is $ 1 million;
Number of Employees Leaving Employer 1 person 4 people

Prior to the change in immigration laws, Turkish citizenship applicants had to buy at least $ 5 million in homes, which was reduced by a quarter to a quarter under new laws. It also required $ 3 million for a bank deposit, which made it 6 times easier to reduce by 6 times, as well as the rest of the table above, which in all cases facilitated the conditions for obtaining a residence permit. Is coming.



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