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Procedures for Buying Property in Turkey

Procedures for Buying Property in Turkey

Procedures for Buying Property in Turkey and Required Documents:

Turkey is a tourist-friendly country in the neighborhood of Iran. Today, many Iranians are considering investing or buying property in Turkey due to cultural issues, weather, beautiful beaches, and cheapness. People, including Iranians, invest billions of dollars in this country. In addition to many investors, students, immigrants and travelers, they also travel or emigrate annually.
Why do people invest in buying property in Turkey?
You should know that buying real estate in this country does not have the risk and risk of other investments and is very confident. A country that has had significant economic growth lately and you can even get your citizenship under the laws of the country after buying real estate. By investing in Turkey, you can be confident that your capital will increase after some time.
Recently, due to the severe sanctions imposed in Iran, Iranians are increasingly seeking home and property investment and investment.
From luxurious and luxurious villas to luxurious and new and affordable apartments all over Turkey, priced by location, location, size and equipment. And you can also buy as needed.
Nowadays, many companies with an official license can easily do the shopping for you. Just make a decision and go to one of these reputable companies. Free advice on home buying, immigration and investing is also available. In terms of prices, these companies also give you good information so you can buy and invest with your budget.
Steps to Buy a Property in Turkey:
While it is easy to buy a property in Turkey, it has the following steps:
When you are applying for a property in Turkey and you are applying, you must first submit a request to the Real Estate Agency. Be sure to list the location and location of the property in question. The license is then issued by the real estate agency.
Must be present when transferring the forged document and the buyer.
3% sales tax for the intended buyer paid to the municipality.
After deciding on a contract with the company you are paying, you will pay for the property to be reserved by the company.
After the legal process, your documents must be translated into Turkish. And this is done by your lawyer.
Once you receive the formal authorization and the official document, the document transfer and property registration will be done in your name. And the property document is available to you.
Necessary documents for buying property in Turkey:
Tax number: It only takes 10 to 15 minutes. You need to be in person to get a exclusive tax number.
Color Photo for Documents: The title of the property in Turkey is the photo of the owner. And the same photo is attached to the property registration. Two photos are required for the notary.
Translation of your foreign passport: A dedicated translator prepares the translation according to the standard form of the TAPO and submits it to the seal and signature of the notary.
Power of Attorney: If you are present when receiving a Tapo (Turkish real estate document), the company will do so. To do this, you need to have a notary-approved power of attorney. A translator of the written text translates the power of attorney into your language.



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