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place to visit in Bodrum Turkey

place to visit in Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum is one of Turkey’s turquoise beach towns and the country’s most vibrant city. It is a holiday destination for many tourists and travelers. Many private ships are waiting to take visitors to the Mediterranean. Bodrum also has so many spectacular places that I don’t think you should take the time to visit all the places. Surely if you travel to Bodrum, it won’t be the first and last time you will want to travel to this beautiful seaside city again.
An ancient, coastal city and great for photography. Full of energy for new tourists. Because Bodrum is a bustling city with high tourism potential, we help you to know the 5 best things to do in Bodrum to embark on a memorable journey.
1. Visit St. Peter’s Castle:
One of the places that every visitor to Bodrum should not miss is St. Peter’s Castle. Place this item at the top of your list. The Knights of St. John built the building between 1402 and 1437, and the Knights of various nations were entrenched to defend certain parts of the wall.
Between the many towers, there are carved statues of lions on the wall of the French Tower and the English Tower, and the Gatineau Tower leads to an underground crypt.
During the reign of Sultan Suleiman in the Ottoman Empire, the castle was taken over by the Turks and a mosque was built inside it.
2. See underwater archeology museum:
This magnificent museum inside St. Peter’s Castle is another attraction to see, even if you have no interest in underwater archeology. The layout of the exhibition is well-organized and its stunning artifacts are exposed with a dramatic display.
Entering the sunken ship’s glass hall, after the entrance, decorated with a set of large clay pots and a glass workshop that is appealing to children. The hall exhibits a 16-meter ship sank in 1025 BC.
The French Tower is another underwater location. Classic Greek ship cargo sunk in the fourth century BC.
3. Travel by boat and what to do on the water:
Bodrum is bound by water and sea. There are countless visitors who go there to relax and see the sea and the beach. Boating is the most popular way to get to the bottom of the sea. Many tours are offered during the summer, from multi-hour tours to multi-day tours. There are many kayak resorts, fishing and jet skiing.
In this port city, private ships are ready to take you on a voyage to the Aegean. Along the way, there are places to stop for swimming. Or go to islands. If you do not like hitchhiking and want to have your own itinerary, you can hire a private boat with a private crew.

4. Take a bath on the beaches of Bodrum Island:
Outside the city of Bodrum, Bodrum Island has several beaches filled with people sunbathing during the hot summer months. Ortakent (with two sandy beaches), Bates and Vergotrice have good beaches, but there are plenty of beaches you can find if you have the time.
5. Don’t forget the memorial tomb:
This ancient site is a mass of marble stones that was once one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Mosul Memorial Tomb in Halikarnassus (ancient Bodrum name) was built by Pytheos as the last resting place of King Masul (367 to 353 BC). When the construction was completed, the magnificent tall building was 46 meters high and decorated with magnificent inscriptions by Greek sculptors of the day.
Although damaged by the earthquake over the centuries, they were eventually destroyed by the knights and they used its stones to build St Peter’s Castle.
6. Visit the Mindos or Mindos Kapisi Gate:
Built on the ruins of Halicarnassus, the Mindos Gate is one of the last surviving remains of the walls of the King Masul Castle, which encompasses the ancient city of 7 kilometers. Enthusiastic tourists can see small ruins, including scattered graves and mosaic sections, as well as the dreaded remnants of fourth-century BC ditches.
7. Watch the beautiful Bodrum theater amphitheater:
Perhaps by Roman standards, this amphitheater is small, but beautifully made. The scenery from the top row of seats covers the Bodrum Mountains, which are breathtaking. In the fourth century and boom era, the amphitheater accommodated 13,000 spectators. If you go there in the summer, Bodrum will use it as a venue for concerts and concerts. If you run a program, be sure to go, because you can better imagine the glory of that era.
8. Visit the Harbor and Shipbuilding:
The Mediterranean Nile waters call for most tourists to Bodrum, and boating and sailing is a big business in Bodrum. Anchorage is like a paradise for sea lovers and sailors, filled with yachts of various shapes and sizes. There are many options to choose from that offer you one day or more cruises. You will be taken to the hidden islands and bays for sunbathing and swimming.
9. Take a tour of the Old Town:
Just behind St Peter’s Castle, there is a fascinating and dreamy area. Alley of hiking trails covered with grape trees with white stone houses that give life to photography. This part of Bodrum will still give you the feeling of nostalgia, unlike other modernized parts. There are plenty of cafes and boutiques in the area where you can go after a tour and refresh your soul.



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