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Special Citizenship Points for Turkey

Turkey, although a country in the Middle East, has approached high standards by planning and striving for global peace, promoting trade and culture and promoting industry. Apart from political issues and extensive communication with other countries, Turkey is a country that has made social benefits to its people and has welcomed the influx of foreign capital to develop its economy. For this reason, and to encourage foreign investors to move their capital to the country, it has made it easier to obtain citizenship laws in the past year and has made some concessions.

Among the special privileges of Turkish citizenship are the following:

  • Opening bank accounts at international banks around the world
    – Unconditional free trade in the world
    Take advantage of all the possibilities of citizenship such as Turkish citizens
    Get special banking facilities for the purchase of real estate, vehicles, etc. with very low interest (1% to 5%)
    Possibility of getting credit cards
    Living in a Safe Country
    Easier entry into the Schengen area
    Buying cars and goods at real world prices without the imposition of heavy customs duties
    Possibility to travel to 4 countries without a visa
    Affordable education at universities in Turkey (as in other European countries you have to pay much higher fees)
    Visa Facilitation from European and American Countries (Those who wish to obtain a US visa will certainly be much easier to obtain after obtaining Turkish citizenship and can only pass the US Embassy with a deposit of about $ 20,000. )
    Ability to manage the company on the Internet platform from Iran or worldwide
    Possibility to get international telephone numbers in Turkey for your businessIn general, getting Turkish citizenship is much more cost-effective than many other countries in the world, and much less expensive in administrative and paperwork. At the same time you can, as a Turkish citizen, near our beloved Iran. Take advantage of different economic, cultural and social opportunities.

Residence buying property is the best and fastest way to get citizenship in Turkey:

Considering the high incentive to invest in property purchase in Turkey at a price above US $ 1.5 and obtaining Turkish citizenship through property purchase; We have many questions about this process.

In this regard, we will try to explain in detail the steps for obtaining citizenship by buying property in Turkey, and will be at your service again if you need more information and more comprehensive advice and answers to various questions. .

The first thing you need to get a Turkish citizenship plan is to buy a property; Is an experienced lawyer; To have the experience and to walk you along this path all along.

You may have thought that you could do it yourself without a lawyer, but if you have the details that we will explain in this post; You’ll clearly need the need for a mature

lawyer. The steps are as follows:

The first step begins with selecting the property you want; Please note that you must make a purchase from a Turkish citizen.

In accordance with the basic rules at this stage; Payment must be deposited directly from the buyer account outside Turkey to the seller account within Turkey; Therefore, given the specific circumstances of Iran, we are currently unable to deposit money; A note is intended.
According to this note you can transfer money to your account in Turkey by money order and deposit it from your account inside Turkey into the bank account of the seller of the property; You generally need to stay in Turkey to open an account; But a lawyer can help you get a bank account without the above requirements.
Before submitting your document, you must first evaluate your real estate expert and state your expert number; This part of the job is very important because the number of property expert declarations should be over $ 4.00 and at this stage the presence of an assisting lawyer will be fruitful.
When calling a lawyer’s document, it oversees the process of mortgaging the property document; To get it right and a three-year mortgage to acquire Turkish citizenship by buying property; It will be placed on your property.
After completing the process of naming the document, your documents will be sent to the Turkish capital, Ankara for examination.
You will then go to the area’s business chamber with the lawyer and, in the case of foreign investors; You will be interviewed and given investor residence cards.
Thereafter, your lawyer, including the documents that must be translated, will be completed by your lawyer. After about 2 to 6 months, you will receive your citizenship card from the Turkish Population Bureau and you will no longer be a Turkish citizen.