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Opening a bank account in Turkey

What Iranians can open in Turkey:

What accounts can Iranians open in Turkey?

In the beginning, it should be noted that the only bank in which the process of opening an account is easier for the Iranian people to receive credit than other banks is an agricultural bank. There, the bank’s management, given its powers, can help facilitate this.
• To begin with, we should say that only the Agricultural Bank accounts for the people of Iran. Sometimes it’s a bank for Iranian companies and organizations.
• One of the points to open an account is that an amount of between two and three thousand liras for 4-5 months depending on the management of the bank branch may be blocked in your account. Banks, of course, have a taste for it sometimes, and one of the branches of the Agribusiness Bank may have no money left to attract customers.
This blocking of your money is not too much for you, as between 5% and 5% of your deposit will be profitable. Which will be deposited into your account either at the end of each month or after three months.
• The documents required to open an account include a passport and a tax number (version Nomarasi) that you must obtain from the tax office.
• If you would like to have a Mastercard or Visa Card, you must keep your account active or circulate or block funds for a while.
• Banking app and internet banking are very useful in Turkey and many things are not done in person and can only be done with internet banking.
• Requires Turkish mobile phone number to use the app and internet bank.
• Fees are much higher than in Iran, especially for interbank transfers.
• Saturday and Sunday generally do not transfer funds unless it is in the bank.
• Deposits of Turkish banks vary between 2% and 3% depending on the amount, type of deposit and even the bank branch.