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Medical services for immigrants in Turkey

Medical services for immigrants in Turkey

What medical services does Turkey offer to foreigners?
Turkey’s healthcare system has improved dramatically in recent years. Modern hospitals, clinics, facilities and equipment have all been mobilized to provide a variety of health services. Living in Turkey and especially Istanbul, which is one of its industrial and commercial hubs, is important in many ways. One of the benefits is the use of health care services that have attracted foreign investors and tourists to the country each year. Living and staying in Turkey is not only important in addition to its tourist attractions, but it is also important in terms of its medical benefits to the residents of the country. Here are some of the benefits.
Turkey’s healthcare system consists of hospitals, health centers. Most of these centers are operated by social security agencies or the Turkish Ministry of Health. However, in addition to the public sector, the private sector is also active in providing health care and healthcare in addition to state-of-the-art hospitals and modern facilities, providing excellent health services to people and nationals. This country offers.

Unfortunately, among the majority of the Turkish population, only the wealthy and wealthy are able to enjoy and enjoy such extraordinary benefits of health care. According to the Turkish Social Security Regulations, a Turkish citizen has to pay about 20% of his or her own medical expenses, which is only 10% for retirees. However, there are patients who pay the cost of expensive drugs and modern treatments out of their own pocket, and this is one of the realities of life in Turkey. For example, the cost of a medical examination in Turkey usually starts at around £ 140, going to the dentist may cost you £ 40 or more. These prices can be very significant to you, depending on the type and quality of treatment as well as the city in which you live.
National health reforms in the country and the prospect of significant growth in this area have attracted foreign investors to the Turkish medical sector. According to industry analysts, Turkey’s healthcare sector, including subsidiaries such as dentistry, optometry and home health services, from the Far East, has attracted many interest and applicants to hospital careers and investment funds. The country has attracted.
Analysts in the field believe: Turkey’s healthcare industry is expected to reach $ 160 billion profitable this year by 2023, well above current levels ($ 60 billion). . So in the current situation, no one wants to overlook this extraordinary economic opportunity. In addition, there are successful examples of foreign investors currently trading in Turkey and encouraging others to do so.

Among the various factors driving the growth of demand and demand for Turkey by foreign healthcare providers, the most important of these are health care reforms implemented by the government. To be. This has further facilitated investment in this area by enacting legislation that emphasizes public-private partnerships for the provision of health care and health services.
After examining the therapeutic issues related to residence in Turkey, we turn to the tourism and tourism aspects in this area. Health care and healthcare in Turkey also plays a key role in attracting foreign investment, as Turkish hospitals crossed the border of 130,000 foreign nationals seeking medical care last year, with a turnover of around 400 They made a million dollars for themselves. The figure is expected to double in 2020, as the Turkish government plans to plan tax-free health care for its foreign nationals.

World Health Insurance

Global health insurance means insurance that protects people’s health care and provides for the cost of health insurance. Persons referred to as holders of universal health insurance are listed in Article 60 of the Social Security and Global Health Insurance Act. It provides: “Subject to the principle of reciprocal treatment, foreign nationals who hold a residence permit in Turkey and are not in accordance with the law of the foreign insurer of the insurer shall be regarded as holders of universal health insurance and may enjoy benefits. Enjoy it. ”
In such a case, a foreigner who has been resident in Turkey for more than one year may be subject to premium payment in order to benefit from universal health insurance services in Turkey. There are many hospitals and private clinics and a wide range of Turkish and international companies that, in addition to government insurance systems, offer insurance plans to cover health care in Turkey. Private health insurance programs allow citizens and outsiders access to hospitals and private clinics selected by insurance companies. It should be noted that foreigners also have access to such benefits and insurance systems.
You may also face high costs when referring to Turkish hospitals. Therefore, it is important to ask your agency beforehand about the exact costs of treatment and how to cover your insurance services before arriving in the country, as the cost of staying in the country is high. Sites can vary widely.



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