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Luxury nights in Istanbul with 9 luxurious hotels

Luxury nights in Istanbul with 9 luxurious hotels

Are you getting ready to travel or tour in Turkey? One of the most important things to keep in mind is where you live. The hotel you choose and the service the hotel offers will make your trip no doubt more memorable.
A glance at Istanbul shows that Istanbul is a wealthy city. Although it may not be a palace, these luxury hotels give it a royal look. Here are 9 luxurious Istanbul hotels for you to have a great night.
Istanbul hotels are exactly where you expect them to be. These hotels embrace the Bosphorus beach of Thonke and are the most luxurious hotels in the area.
1. Hotel Pralace
The Hotel Pralace welcomes Orient Express travelers planning a long trip to Paris. Apart from the Ottoman palaces at the time, this hotel was the first building in the country to have electricity, a spa, and an elevator and is still open to guests today. This neoclassical hotel boasts magnificent 19th-century grace through all 115 rooms and suites. The Pralas Hotel is a block from Independence Street boutiques in the unobtrusive. Enjoy afternoon tea at the Lounge, lunch at the glitzy Agatha restaurant and dinner at Orient Bar.
2. His word is chord
Managed by a Turkish-American couple, the hotel is luxurious and luxurious. The inn’s charming hotel is surrounded by wooden houses and fish restaurants. There is a seating area to enjoy on the lawns of the Waterfront Restaurant.
3. Hotel Los Atmens
At the Hotel Los Atmes you can gaze at the opposite waters in a cozy, small seaside area. The 90s palace on the European coast of the Bosphorus was completely burnt before 1933, and in the 80s, it regained its former glory and became a cozy hotel. The hotel’s 10 unique suites are furnished and furnished like a palace with golden artwork, velvet-like walls, silk coverings and black chandeliers.
4. Istanbul Four Seasons Hotel in Sultan Ahmed
Built in 1918, this neoclassical Turkish-style masterpiece is full of pointed arches, decorative tiles, dramatic houses and ceilings. Their primary function was imprisonment. The old courtyard has become a magnificent garden and the dungeons have become five-star rooms that meet international standards of four-season hotels. The hotel reflects the origins of Ottoman construction.
5. Hotel Ajua Sultan Ahmed
While many Istanbul luxury hotels occupy the Ottoman palaces, Ajua Hotel is located in the Old Town of Sultan Ahmed, near the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. The hotel has 61 rooms with Tabriz carpets, primitive artwork, exquisite marble, ceilings with hand-painted and tiled works. Experience the largest Turkish metropolis and Azerbaijani culinary festivities at the saffron restaurant by staying at this hotel.
6. Hotel Raffles Istanbul:
Everything about Istanbul’s Ruffles is contemporary, from the work area in the European Besiktas area to the Crisp 185 Hotel, minimalist rooms. The 134-meter Ruffles Tower, which operates only in Europe, was completed in 2014 as part of the Zorlow Shopping Center. The modern rooms and six modern dining options make this hotel one of Istanbul’s most exclusive hotels. The hotel has a pool and other amenities including a café and a restaurant.
7. Circulating Manganese
The Boasian family opened the hotel 50 years ago and named it Circe Mignon. Turkish name for a wooden house. Now this property is one of the few wooden facades left in the historic Peninsula. The hotel features 32 traditional rooms each with hardwood floors, Turkish carpets and upscale furnishings. Stay in the beautiful Nizade Restaurant and enjoy the balconies opposite the park.
8. Hotel Windham Grand Istanbul
If you are looking for a five star luxury hotel at a bargain price, or escape the busy streets of Sultan Ahmed and Beyoglu, choose this hotel. Situated opposite the Kalamis Marina Street, in the Aram Anatolian neighborhood on the route to the Princes Islands, this hotel offers seven dining options on both sides of the Bosphorus. The hotel has a full-service massage center, two rooftop and courtyard pools, and 210 full-featured rooms.
9. Istanbul ST Regis Hotel
Nishan Tashi neighborhood is a famous neighborhood in Istanbul. So there’s no better place for CT Regis New York to bring the Apple brand to Turkey. Opened in 2015, the Art Deco style is designed to blend in with the exquisite beauty of the 20s. Wolfgang Pak Espago Restaurant combines two Turkish and international tastes.



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