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Title: Kusadasi

Kusadasi is a beautiful island whose temperate climate in the spring has made it a place to relax and relax.
One of Turkey’s tourist attractions, the city has beautiful beaches that attract many travelers in the spring and summer.
If you are planning to travel to Turkey undoubtedly the beautiful city of Kusadasi can be a good option for you.
This beautiful island is close to Aydin Turkey, formerly the ancient Greek city of Terraces, only 71 km away.
On the map Kusadasi is located on the Aegean coast.
The town lies to the south with Dilak Island and to the north with Pamjak and Seljuk.
Geographically, this beautiful island is the closest town to Turkey to the Greek islands, attracting many tourists.
This beautiful city with a population of 100,000 attracts over 1500,000 visitors from around the world annually.
Kusadasi is surrounded by natural, cultural and historical gifts that make the city a perfect recreation center for any type of traveler from couples to families, ordinary people to archaeological lovers.
Kusadasi Attractions:
This beautiful tourist island has many tourist attractions, some of which include:
• Lovely beaches
• National Parks and Water Parks
• Nightlife
• Near ancient cities
• Boating
• Comprehensive resorts
• Cozy Boutique Hotels and Marina
• Colorful markets and shops
• Tasty foods and locals
• 300 days of sunshine
In the end, Kusadasi promises you a wonderful stay with unforgettable memories!

Best Things to Do in Kusadasi:
As we said, this port city on the Aegean coasts is rapidly becoming a favorite destination for those looking for sunny beaches, monuments, exciting nightlife and wonderful property shopping.
Something for everyone! Here are some of the highlights of Kusadasi:
The rocky fountains have created extraordinary scenery called the “Cotton Castle”. Stroll through the ruins of ancient Hierapolis and enjoy its famous warm waters.
Ephesus in Kusadasi:
Founded in the 10th century BC, Ephesus has many ancient Greek monuments, such as the Celsus Library, and is easily accessible from Kusadasi.

Artemis Temple:
Perhaps the most famous of the Ephesus ruins is the temple dedicated to the goddess Helen Artemis. It has been one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Basil St. John:
This Kusadasi attraction was originally built by Justinian I and was used to rest John the Apostle, whom Ephesus pilgrims used to gather in the dust of the church in the past to use as “manna”.
Mana is a miracle cure for diseases.
Mary’s House in Kusadasi:
Many Catholics believe that Mary spent her final years in this stone house in Ephesus.
All we can say for sure is that it is very old.
Jesus Big Mosque:
Go to the hills of al-Kusadasi to discover this 14th-century Islamic temple, modeled on the Great Mosque of Damascus.
The mosque was rebuilt in 1934.
Kusadasi Archaeological Museum in Ephesus:
If you enjoy surfing the ruins of Ephesus, take a look at the vast array of archeological treasures nearby.
The museum was recently reopened after major reconstruction work.
When are we going?
Kusadasi enjoys a relatively warm climate all year long, although the winters are a bit too cold and you can’t get the most out of your beach vacation.
The best time to visit Kusadasi is when the sky is clear and the temperature is at its best, which can be May or October.
What is the distance between Kusadasi and Istanbul?
Kusadasi is 575 km from Istanbul and can be reached via the E881.
It is also accessible by train or plane, but why not board the Aegean coastline instead?

Aegean Coasts of Kusadasi:
The beaches along the Aegean coastline are spectacular and spectacular.
Named after the ladies, the beaches are packed with nightclubs, souvenirs, restaurants and sunbathing and swimmers.
There is also a golden beach covered with grass which is very beautiful and peaceful.
You can also ride a horse and go to Long Beach, which is a playground and beach bars, pools and water sports.



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