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Istanbul has a timeless charm that owes its rich history. The city was historically referred to as Byzantium and Constantinople.
Istanbul is the center that served as the focal point of several ancient empires.
Countless wonders, including architecture, remnants of empires, are still high in the heart of the city.
These works include Hagia Sophia, which has been upright over time and continues to thrill audiences with stunning mosaics.
In addition to the historic sites of Istanbul, you can see modern skyscrapers and shopping malls.
There are also cool spots in and around the city to escape the noise, some with breathtaking views of the city and the Bosphorus Strait.
For more ideas on what to do in Istanbul, read this to help you discover the best of this fascinating and cultural Turkish city.

The heart of Istanbul:

Start the day at Sultannameh Square:

As the historic centerpiece of Istanbul, Sultan Elmat Square puts you at the center of the city’s most prominent and spectacular attractions.
To stay in the center of the monuments, it is recommended to book your accommodation in the Sultan Talaba neighborhood.
Obelisks and springs adorn the park and field with the remains of an ancient hippodrome.
From here you can easily access two of the city’s biggest landmarks in the north and south of Istanbul.
One is Hagia Sophia, a famous mosque in the sixth century that has now become a museum, and the other is the Sultan al-Hatham Mosque, which is also fondly referred to as the Blue Mosque.

Shopping at Grand Bazaar Main Market Istanbul:

Istanbul is bordered by the narrow Bosporus Strait (Bosphorus), which borders the Black Sea with the Marmara Inland Sea.
Historically the city was the main point of entry for merchant ships.
You can walk through the meandering alleys of the Grand Bazaar to see the city’s colorful commercial activities come alive.
This large market consists of a network of indoor shops (smaller markets) and lines where businessmen go business.
They sell everything from rugs and leather goods to stones and jewelry, eye-catching ornaments.

Use the Chamelica Hill Panorama:

This is one of the best sights in Istanbul, the Chamlika Hill.
This hill is one of the tallest hills in Istanbul and offers breathtaking views of the city.
You can find a café on top of the hill or a park that provides a cool resting place to view the breathtaking scenery.
You can also see Istanbul on both sides of Asia and Europe with its tall buildings and the outskirts of the Bosphorus Strait and its bridge.
It is about half an hour drive from the city center to the bridge and up the hill.
You can also book a hotel in Osudodar area to stay near this hill.

Walk along the monuments around Istanbul:

Constantinople Walls is a historical landmark in Istanbul that is also known by many names, including Theodosian Walls, Istanbul City Walls and Topkapi Historical Walls.
This monument is a series of stone monuments that have protected Istanbul since Constantine the Great’s founding of Constantinople.
You can still see most of these intact medieval towers.
The walls are surrounded by parks, which are places for children to enjoy.

Try different barbecues in Istanbul:

If you love meat, Istanbul has a good traditional barbecue menu, especially its famous barbecue in the world.
This popular Turkish dish comes in a variety of styles and flavors.
On the menu, these barbecues include chopped meats, potatoes and sauces, tomatoes and onions and a rich blend of spices and spices.
Most kebabs are usually cooked on a giant squash and cut into pieces.
There are many barbecues in Istanbul that you can easily choose from.

Hagia Sophia:

An architectural wonder with enchanting mosaics that are one of the landmarks in Istanbul’s historic center.
The name of this historic site is translated “sacred wisdom” and was built by the Eastern Roman Empire in the sixth century.
The building became a mosque after the reign of Muhammad Fateh in 1453.
You can visit the marble structure and enjoy the wonders of architecture as well as its dreamy interior.
The mosque also has calligraphic signs and bronze lamps and its walls are covered with beautiful mosaics of gold, silver and colored stones.
Turkish bath in Istanbul:
Baths in Istanbul come in different prices, but they all usually have a sauna, steam, body wash and massage.
Istanbul has many baths throughout the city, each offering a traditional Turkish bath and centuries-old spa experience.
More modern baths include spa elements, such as aromatherapy and the use of essential oils.
Istanbul’s prominent baths include the Bayazid, Sulaimaniyah and Ali Pasha baths in the neighborhood.
Take the Maiden Tower by boat.

Scenic lighthouse in Istanbul Bosphorus Strait:

This lighthouse is on top of a small island in the Bosphorus Strait, which you can reach by a 15-minute boat from Alexander’s Pier.
It dates back to the twelfth century and is presented in legends with a princess who had a tragic fate.
Climb the beacon stairs and enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea in the rooftop café with breathtaking views of both the European and Asian sides of Istanbul.

Sama Dance:

You can watch sama dances at Hugia Pasha Cultural Center.
You can also see the Whirlpool Dervish in a 15th-century house.
For a taste of the Turkish tradition of performing arts, you can go to this cultural center near Istanbul’s central sights, such as Sofia Palace and Topkapi Palace.
The Hugia Pasha Cultural Center is located in a former 15th-century bathhouse, but today it has an amazingly decorated interior under the tall domed roof.
This is where the lively dance performances are held regularly.
Among the mystical dances, tornado dervishes are famous, and this dance is a mystical ritual of Rumi that is usually accompanied by his poems.



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