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Introducing the world’s largest aquarium tunnel in Antalya

Introducing the world’s largest aquarium tunnel in Antalya

Introducing the world’s largest aquarium tunnel in Antalya

The Antalya Aquarium Tunnel, as one of the largest aquarium tunnels in the world, provides a range of entertainment. The Antalya Aquarium Tunnel is 131 meters long and 3 meters wide. I advise you not to miss the Antalya Aquarium Tunnel Tours and be sure to visit this aquarium on a trip to Turkey.
Antalya Aquarium Tunnel Entertainment:
In addition to making real snowballs with real snow in the Snow World and the Ice Museum, you can have a trip to the most toxic, colorful and interesting species in the world at the home of tropical reptiles, Wild Park. You can also enjoy Oceanride XD multidimensional cinema via ocean-going technology.
In the Antalya Aquarium Tunnel you can have an adventurous and explorable day out with delicious delicacies in the café, restaurant and entrance and terrace.
Located in the heart of Antalya, 70 meters away from Konyaaltı Beach, the Antalya Aquarium is the most lively center of attention in the city.
Underwater World of Antalya:
The Aquarium Tunnel of Antalya recounts stories from around the world. You can discover the magic of the underwater world.
Antalya Aquarium has the purest water in terms of clean aquarium water. This aquarium tunnel is filled with five million liters of water and thousands of amazing marine species. The Antalya Aquarium is a strange world of aquatic wildlife around the world.
If you want to see the wonderful wonders of the sea and the biodiversity of the ocean and the water on your journey to Turkey, be sure to head to the Antalya Aquarium.
Eat the sharks fed by trained divers. Eye-to-eye with octopuses, furious crocodiles, and slippery eels.
The Antalya Aquarium Tunnel offers you a magnificent underwater journey, rather than a collection of underwater creatures.
You see a life-size broken ship and a Sanken plane-shaped fish while walking through the giant aquarium tunnel.
You can also experience multidimensional cinema that provides you with an underwater exploration. Make sure you have enough time to visit the aquarium tunnel and thoroughly enjoy it.
Aquarium Tunnel Sections:
• The aquarium
• Schematic sections
• Main tank and tunnel
• Snowy World and Ice Museum
• Oceanride Multidimensional Cinema
After these rich exploration activities, you can dine in the cafes and restaurants there and taste international cuisine.
Best Hotels Near Antalya Aquarium Tunnel:
• Lehmann Hotel
• Corner Park Hotel
• Hotel SU and Aqualand
• Albia Hotel
• Hotel Paco Boutique
• Hotel Europe
By booking a hotel and checking the distance to the aquarium tunnel, you can take advantage of online programs and measure distance to the hotel. With some apps you can even find the cost, quality, and even discount of hotels.
How to get a ticket:
You can obtain your Antalya Aquarium Tunnel Entry ticket online from your smartphone, even if they can send it to you immediately upon request.
When preparing a ticket you can mention where you want to visit, such as the Aquarium Tunnel, or the Museum, or the Snowy World, Wildlife Park and Multidimensional Cinema.
Cancellation of tickets:
You can cancel your ticket up to 24 hours prior to your visit to the Aquarium Tunnel, and it may be possible to cancel it.
Wheelchairs for people with disabilities:
Wheelchairs are permitted for people with physical disabilities. Wheelchair accessible to all visitors.
Additional Knowledge:
You can take your camera with you.
The ticket price for children 4 to 9 years is not half the price, but includes a discount and is free for children up to 3 years.
The Antalya Aquarium Tunnel is open to visitors all day long.
Opening hours: 9:30 am to 11:00 pm daily
Entering the aquarium is not allowed 45 minutes before closing and closing.
The use of baby carriage is no obstacle for children.




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