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Turkish Insurance

According to Turkish law, the Turkish government is obliged to insure all the people of this country and all the people of Turkey must be able to access health services for free or at a very low cost. Also, all foreigners who wish to stay in Turkey permanently or temporarily must insure themselves in order to be able to reside in Turkey and receive health care like ordinary citizens.

So if you are planning to stay in Turkey in any way whether you are studying, investing, registering, working, getting married and… in order to be able to extend your stay you will need insurance.
Aliens can be covered by insurance in two ways, which we will explain below.

1. State-owned insurance by private companies: This method is for people who are registered in Turkey, are an investor in a company or are operating in a Turkish company. The person applying for state insurance.

2. Private Insurance by Private Companies: This is the most common way most Iranians do to get insurance, so if you go to Turkey in any other way than investing and working you should take this approach. Take Action Insurance.

In this way you should go to one of the private insurance companies in Turkey and you will be insured after paying the approved rate and type of insurance of your choice.