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Have a comfortable trip by car rental in Turkey

Have a comfortable trip by car rental in Turkey

One of the best ways to tour another country is to rent a car. When you travel to a foreign country, you always have to worry about the cost of renting a car. Suppose you want to go to different places to buy or travel, or you have to go with public transport that may take you a long time or cost a lot. But if you rent a car you can reduce the costs and go around the city in the shortest possible time and don’t waste your time.
It is good to know that renting a car in Turkey is much easier and cheaper than in other countries. If you have a business trip, car hire is very much in your favor.
How to rent a car in Turkey:
Turkish airports usually provide guides for travelers to find car rental terminals. Airport banners include car rental banners where you can find information. You can also look for car rental companies on websites. Be sure to choose reputable companies and sites.
If you have a credit card, some companies will rent you a car. For example, you can rent a car for a day. That is, they give you a car in exchange for getting your credit card details. Of course, if you don’t have these cards you can still get cars from other companies, but big companies usually do.
If you are traveling with a tour, tour guides can guide you through this.
Steps to get a car permit in Turkey:
1. Select the car you want. There are many cars for rent that vary in price and model. There are also high-priced locker cars.
2. Contact the company to help guide you further and explain your rules.
3. Specify the place of delivery of the car.
4. Prepare the required documents. Below is the usual documentation required for a car rental.
5. Close and sign the contract.
6. Pick up the car.

Cost of car rental in Turkey:
The cost of renting a car depends on the type of car and its fuel consumption. Fuels consumed in Turkey are gasoline, diesel, as well as electricity or hybrid, and vary in cost. Car rental costs start from € 35 daily depending on the number of days you have rented. The longer your car rental and booking days are, the more discounted the company will be for you and may rent up to 30 euros per day. You can rent a car from day one to week or month.
When delivering the car, the amount of fuel in the car should be equal to the amount of fuel originally delivered at the time of delivery.
Cost of fuel in Turkey:
Of course we have to say that the cost of fuel in Turkey varies depending on the region you are in because of the brands.
The price of one liter of unleaded 2-octane gasoline in Istanbul is 2.6 liters.
The price of a liter of diesel Eco in Istanbul is 2.6 liters.
The price of a liter of diesel per liter in Istanbul is 1.5 Ler.
And it should be noted that the staff at the pump themselves are required to fuel you and do not need to get out of the car and do it yourself.
Required documents for car rental in Turkey:
The documents you need to rent a car include your credit card, international certificate, passport copy and your residence.
We recommend that you convert your certificate to an international one before traveling. A credit card is also needed because they do not accept cash and they do not receive a pub lire and you can only rent a car from reputable companies with a credit card.
Fill out a contract with the company and you will have a copy with them and a copy with you. You will also receive the full cost before delivery. The car rental law means that you will be charged $ 100 for your potential fines when renting.
Delivery and Return of Car to Company:
After signing the contract and performing the initial workshops, you will receive the car at your place of residence and, once the contract has expired, deliver it at your place of residence or at the international airport.
Highly luxurious cars and a driver can also be rented.
Important points when renting a car:
When renting a car in Turkey, get a copy of your car rental agreement, car insurance and international certification.
• It is best to get a tour guide and choose a reputable company. Usually they can provide you with good information in this area.
• Have a map of the city and be sure to check the route before leaving. Cities like Istanbul are crowded, be sure to pick the route beforehand.
• Check the gas tank and, if you do not have gasoline, go around shopping or shopping safely.
• Car insurance policy.
• If you plan to rent a stylish and expensive car, you should do this as a partner and split the cost between yourself. In this case, the cost will be very low and you will continue your journey with a good car and enjoy it.
• Be sure to read the driving laws in the country beforehand and get the information you need to avoid trouble.



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