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Guide to buying a used car and engine in Turkey

Guide to buying a used car and engine in Turkey

The Turkish auto industry plays an important role in the production of its economy. Companies operating in the Turkish automotive sector are mainly located in the Marmara region. In 2012, more than 1 million cars and motors were manufactured in Turkey.

There will be cars in Turkey that are not found anywhere else in the world. From small cars and compact cars to giant vehicles. Turkey also has a huge market for second-hand cars and has been on the rise since last years. Used cars in Turkey are imported from countries that have huge production in the auto industry such as the United States, Germany and, of course, Japan. The cars offered in Turkey are technically fault-free and ready for sale with high safety. Some of the features of these cars are as follows.
Has updated entertainment systems
Most cars in Turkey have been updated with a high-end entertainment system, with a number of popular features including an up-to-date phone call system, an 8-inch color touchscreen on the center console.
Turkish car safety features
Turkish cars have high safety features since most of them are manufactured by assembling Japanese parts, as the Japanese manufacturer focuses heavily on the level of vehicle safety. Standard features common to these cars are airbags. Some have driver and passenger airbags and some offer driver’s only bags. All seats have a three-point seat belt, an anti-lock system and an automatic brake system, so if you feel unsafe, the car will stop immediately. Central locking system is another feature that is very important for any car at this time.
Engine performance
Engine performance is usually high, although it depends on the brand, model and year of manufacture, but most cars are equipped with a high-speed engine and low noise. In addition, the engine performance of the used cars in Turkey is amazing and provides a good output of horsepower which is ultimately good for car reliability and durability.

Is the second-hand car good or zero?
Buying a car in Turkey depends on your budget, whether second-hand or zero. According to our description of the specifications of the used Turkish cars you can buy second hand cars safely.
Where do I go for a second-hand car?
You will find many ways to buy cars and motorcycles in Turkey. We recommend that you first go to reputable sites like Sahibinden so you can buy a car much easier. First you enter the site and depending on your budget and the car model you are considering and your location in Turkey and most importantly considering the options and features you can buy the car you are looking for. .

Car prices in turkey
The price of a car in Turkey depends on the type and brand of the car. On the other hand, there are a lot of cars being added to the country every year so it is very difficult to check all the prices. If you are looking to buy a second hand car you can refer to companies like Ekspertiez. These companies will thoroughly examine your chosen car and will report to you if there is a minor problem. The price of second-hand cars in Turkey varies, and which city license plate you get for your car also affects its price.
Motor hire in Turkey
Turkey is a large country and has many tourist attractions. Some tourists are keen to experience the excitement of traveling, if you are one of the same people then riding a motorcycle in cities like Istanbul and Ankara is one of the best ways to visit most of Turkey’s sights. You can go anywhere in the city you want by motor or car rental. There are many businesses in Turkish cities where you can rent a motorcycle for yourself.





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