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Getting to know the cost of living in Turkey

Getting to know the cost of living in Turkey

Getting to know the cost of living in Turkey:

The idea of ​​living in Turkey permanently or temporarily is still the dream of many immigrants, but the question that is often asked is the cost of living in Turkey. Costs such as property and care, health care, current expenses such as electricity and essentials such as food. People want to know if Turkey can still make money in 2016. So let’s take a look at some of the costs and expenses in Turkey:
Buying Property in Turkey:
You can find cheap homes in the seaside town, Marmaris, Fethiye and Kusadasi.
A two bedroom apartment on the Aegean coast costs around £ 35,000 to £ 40,000, while in the bustling metropolis of Istanbul, the price rises by 25%.
There is a huge difference in rentals depending on the area, a three bedroom apartment of around £ 160 which is significantly different from Istanbul.
Some apartment development companies have been designing some beautiful apartments and houses in Marmaris for the past ten years. They have beautiful villas with private pools. The sale price of three bedroom apartments is from £ 95,000 to £ 110,000. And the villas are on sale for £ 165500 to £ 212500.
Cost of Utilities in Turkey:
The following sums are taken from the current costs for a three bedroom property in a seaside resort:
• Wastewater: The average monthly cost is about 40 pounds or 10 pounds a month.
• Electricity: The average monthly cost for a month is 100 pounds or about 25 pounds.
• Council tax: about £ 140 a year or £ 35 a year
• Waste collection tax: £ 70 or £ 17.50
• Internet: Paying £ 60 or £ 15 a month for unlimited internet with TTNet
• Property Maintenance Cost: The complex community property pays an annual maintenance fee for maintenance of shared equipment such as a swimming pool. Costs vary from £ 60 per year to £ 400 per apartment and equipment.
• Property insurance: A medium sized 3 bedroom villa needs £ 50 for home and home insurance. Earthquake insurance also costs around £ 40.
Driving a vehicle in Turkey:
If you can buy a car in Turkey, you have to know that you will incur a great deal of fuel costs. One liter of diesel costs about 3.50 liters or 0.90 pounds, and gasoline costs about 4.40 liters or 1.10 pounds. There are additional costs including car insurance, police insurance, car tax, and MOT. The total annual cost is at least £ 2000 or £ 500.
Residence permit and health care in Turkey:
Those seeking a permanent life in Turkey require a residence permit that costs £ 50, but naturally, if people use the abuser, the cost will naturally rise. Licenses have medical insurance according to what people have requested. A 90- to 180-day tourist visa costs £ 12.50.
Health care is the primary need of many immigrants, but no public health service in Turkey is the same as the US. So residents have a choice. They can pay for Turkish State Social Security to cover medical treatment through your state-owned diseases. The cost for married people is around £ 395 or £ 98.75 a month. If you are not married but living together or are single, you will pay £ 395 per person. Social insurance can be a little expensive if you use private hospitals. Indigenous people pay the same amount for social security insurance for health care.
If you don’t like social security, private health insurance covers most people at private hospitals. Costs vary depending on the person’s age and health. A 48-year-old man should expect to pay around £ 700 or £ 175 a year.
Cost of food and drink:
With 7.5% inflation swirling, the weekly cost of buying two people is about £ 150 or £ 37.50. For smokers, a packet of cigarettes costs around 7.50 liters to 9.50 liters. Drinks can also cost you about 10 liras to 14 liras. Meat, especially lamb and beef, can be expensive, while poultry and fish are relatively affordable. Three restaurant meals cost around £ 118, and the drink costs around £ 29.50. However, you should know that the cost of Turkish food is very cheap and half the price elsewhere.
Saving Money and Working in Turkey:
If you are looking to save money on your way to work in Turkey, be aware that foreigners are working illegally unless they have legal permission to work. A work permit can be applied for in person or through an employer, but the cost will vary. However, the average wage in Turkey is about 1,300 pounds or 325 pounds a month.
Some immigrants benefit from interest rates on savings accounts. Although rates vary depending on the amount of money you have in your long-term account, expect an average monthly percentage of between 10 and 13 percent. Banks are rewarded for the first month, but ultimately return it at their market rate.
With careful planning and managing your money you can succeed in Turkey.



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