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Driving in Turkey and the laws you need to know

Driving in Turkey and the laws you need to know

In recent years, the road conditions in Turkey have improved significantly. So traveling to Turkey by self-catering or car rental is a good way. But foreign drivers in cities such as Ankara, Istanbul and other cities should be very careful, as the type of driving in Turkey and the driving laws in Turkey may be different to the type of driving in your country. As elsewhere, avoid driving at night and maintain a balanced mental state. Don’t let emotions and moods affect you while driving.
Driving on the Turkish highways is a fun experience, but if you get stuck in urban traffic or have to drive slow potholes on rural roads, it’s not great. Turkish freeways are more like dual lanes and are often full of trucks that you will probably find less on rural roads.
Drivers in Turkey are a bit unpredictable, so you should be able to guess well and drive cautiously. Drive to the right and overtake to the left.
Be careful when winding when the equipment behind you may be trying to overtake you at the same time. Avoid driving at night, as many roads are dark and can have hidden dangers. Mountain roads are often unprotected and dangerous at night.
Beeping in Turkey is thoughtful and thoughtful. So if you aren’t sure whether to stay behind or go to the traffic light, the beep sounds. But the experience of traveling in Turkey by car with all its hassles is worth it.
Required driving licenses in Turkey:
You need a driver’s license and insurance preferably with a green card to drive. If you don’t have a photo card, you need an international driver’s license.

Legal age for driving:

You must be at least 18 years of age to obtain a driving license in Turkey. If you rent a car your age in some companies should be 21 shawls, but in some companies 23 it is acceptable.
Child safety while driving:
In Turkey, a child under the age of 12 is not allowed to sit in the front seat. Instead, they should be seated safely in the back seat using a child-friendly seat. These chairs are special and are sized according to the child’s age.Third party insurance is mandatory in Turkey. You need to have this certificate along with your insurance card and a green card from the insurance company.
Alcohol consumption and heavy fines:
The blood alcohol level for a driver in Turkey should be zero. Something that has the most horrific death toll in accidents. If you plan to drive again afterwards, you should not drink any alcohol. This fine is severe and can send you to Turkish prisons.

Speed ​​limit:

The speed limits on Turkish roads are as follows:
50 kilometers per hour under construction
90 km / h on open roads
120 km / h on freeways
Using a cellphone while driving:
Using a mobile phone while driving in Turkey is illegal, although many drivers do so. But you will be fined quickly if the police see you talking on the phone while driving.

traffic light:

Traffic lights in Turkey follow the Vienna Convention rules, so you should not be confused. You may find that drivers sometimes cross the red light, which is illegal, so be careful. If you do the wrong thing behind the red light, the drivers behind you will beep.
Road toll:
Seven freeways in Turkey have tolls, but they are not expensive. The long distance between Istanbul and Ankara costs just £ 12.50.

Parking Rules:

In many parts of Turkey, there is no problem parking, just make sure you do not block. There are parking lots for cars and motorbikes in the cities. Areas prohibited by the park are marked with prohibited park signs.



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