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Company registration in Turkey

Company registration in Turkey

Legal procedures for registering a company in Turkey
Maybe you have been wondering whether you can invest in a foreign country or start a company or experience life in Turkey? What are the benefits of doing this? Is it worth it to set up a company instead of buying property in another country?
The answer to this question and many such questions can be answered by examining the economic conditions and thermometers of countries.
Given the current conditions of the country, it should be said that co-creation of overseas companies and production is very profitable and makes the difference in the exchange rate in the country very attractive. Also some countries around the world have special conditions and arrangements for those who They are setting up companies in these countries, and these advantages create an advantage. In the business world you have to be very up-to-date and active to succeed.

Compatibility with widespread global competition in international arena, foreign affairs, and business partnerships. Investment is a risky business. Registration in another country requires careful consideration of all costs and expenses. Which country you invest in depends on a number of factors that you should consider when choosing which country to invest in.

Investing in Turkey
Investing in Turkey can be one of the options on your table because the economic situation in Turkey is such that the US Treasury Department has made it one of the top 20 industrialized countries. Turkey is the 17th largest economy in the world with a GDP of $ 850 billion (twice Iran). The Human Development Growth Index is also in a very favorable position, and along with sustainable development makes it an attractive investment. Alongside these, the simple and supportive rules of investing in Turkey and buying property in Turkey make it a great place for business.

Along with our business, we recommend you live in Turkey because the per capita income in this country is about $ 11,000, making it one of the most prosperous and prosperous countries in which to live a comfortable and economical life. Is. One of the advantages of registering in Turkey is that you do not need to obtain a residence in Turkey, besides Turkey’s proximity to Iran, special facilities for foreign nationals and low living costs in Turkey compared to European countries. Great for this country.

For those who want to start a business in Turkey and invest in Turkey, there are certain rules, but these laws are not so different from the laws of our country. Usually, for each company to be registered, the company title, areas of activity, the person managing the company and its capital must be determined. Depending on the potential tax ID by opening a bank account with a bank, a quarter of 25% of the company’s capital should be deposited into the account. The rules you need to know to invest in a country like Turkey are:

– You must first submit your application to the Turkish Chamber of Commerce.
– Then you need to tailor your company letterhead to the goals, motivation, and performance of your company.
– After this step you will receive the company registration forms from the Chamber of Commerce.
The next step is to obtain a letter of attorney and a copy of the signature from the official Turkish office.
– You also need to get the form of the Turkish Treasury Department from the Ministry of Economy and then to the Turkish Treasury Department for approval.
– After approval of these forms, the inspectors of the Treasury Department visit your company address and verify the information of the company and thereby issue your company tax number.
Getting a business card and certifying accounting offices and introducing an official financial advisor are the final steps to registering your company.
Keep in mind, not all of the steps required to register a company in Turkey take more than five business days.
The type of company should be determined by the individual or persons applying for the company registration and the amount of assets.
The types of companies in Turkey are as follows:
1. Limited liability companies: Such companies are established with at least one person and a maximum of 55 people.
2. Joint Stock Company: The joint stock companies themselves are divided into two categories:
Private equity firms, which have less than 250 investors, and public corporations, which have more than 250 investors
3. Joint Venture: In the case of debt arising, only legal entities incur debt.
4. Collateral: In the case of debt, all individuals and legal entities are liable to pay the debt.
The set of rules and conditions requires that you have a thorough knowledge of the Turkish economy and therefore the laws and laws of Turkey and know the purpose of establishing your company and the market strategy of your company so that you can succeed. The Turkish market has a large capacity to produce and export goods and services due to its strong relationship with the European market and the CIS area, which is growing more and more in support of the Turkish government every day.



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