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Buy property in Turkey

Buy property in Turkey

Important points in buying property in Turkey
One of the most beautiful places on earth, Turkey, because of its stunning beaches, magnificent climate and affordable property prices, attracts every viewer and tourist. Turkey has a strong and global economy as well as a low-middle-age population that attracts the attention of foreign buyers, especially Middle Eastern countries. The expansion of the infrastructure and innovative projects in the country have made it possible for Turkish and social media, as well as those interested in the field, such as architects and wealthy designers and the wealthy, to select Turkey to showcase their work and achievements. Immigration through property buying in Turkey has always been a good option for tourists from all over the world, and the number of immigrants to Turkey for the purpose of buying property in Turkey is increasing.

According to citizenship laws, foreigners are free to buy property anywhere in Turkey except in the military areas. Citizenship requirements for foreigners buying a home in Turkey will be $ 250,000 as of September 2018. In other words, foreigners who buy real estate in Turkey for $ 250,000, in addition to themselves, their families can immediately be a citizen of Turkey and enjoy the benefits of Turkish citizenship. Immigration to Turkey To own a property in Turkey, a country that has a strong real estate sector and construction is quite clear and well-run, can be a very safe and viable investment method. Great for foreigners who want to emigrate to Turkey. Foreigners who purchase property in Turkey can obtain a residence permit provided that it is renewed at certain times.
They also have the right to receive residence permits for their families. With this residence permit, foreign children can study in Turkey. Finding a job for foreigners with a residence permit has also made it easier for companies to get work permits.

When you are thinking of buying a property not only in Turkey but also everywhere in the world, everyone is thinking about choosing the right place. You might think you’ve finally found the right property and dream home, but unaware that once you start living in that new place, you’ll quickly realize that this place wasn’t the right option to make your life inevitably much harder. It overshadows what you expect.
Recent changes to the laws governing property ownership in Turkey mean that most foreign buyers
They can own property in Turkey. According to the “principle of reciprocity” foreigners can acquire land and real estate in their own name in Turkey, provided that Turkish citizens are allowed and allowed to own their preferred land and real estate in the country of origin. Or buyer’s residence. This regulation applies to most European countries and the Middle East.
Cost of buying property in Turkey

Turkey is a vast country with large and affordable real estate options. Prices are still very favorable compared to other popular tourist areas and, although rising, you can still get a beautiful two bedroom sea view apartment for less than £ 100,000. On the other hand, there are many homes on the Turkish real estate market which are located in an upscale environment by renowned designers and architects.
It is an undeniable fact that there are always costs associated with buying your property depending on your budget. Some of the costs associated with buying a property in Turkey include stamp duty, 3% appraised value and property zoning, legal fees of around £ 1000, agency costs of 3% and various paper costs of around € 500. It should be noted, however, that the current cost of property ownership in Turkey is very low compared to countries such as Spain and France.
Required documents for buying property in Turkey
You need your passport and transfer tax code to buy a property in Turkey, which is also required to open a bank account in Turkey. You will also need several passport photo collections for buyer authentication. The following are the documents that you should request from the seller after the contract is concluded:
A. TAPU Certificate of Ownership or Certificate of Ownership: This is the first and probably the most important word you need to know before buying a property in Turkey. The TAPU Certificate of Ownership is a non-refundable document indicating that you own the property in Turkey and having no such certificate constitutes non-ownership of property in Turkey. Keep in mind that whenever you are buying a property in Turkey, be sure to ask the seller for a copy of the certificate of ownership after the contract has been concluded, in which case the seller is required to provide you with a valid copy of the TAPU Give.
B) Residence Certificate in Turkey (ISKAN): ISKAN or Certificate of Residence set up by local authorities in that area, allows you to live in the purchased property. Lack of a residence certificate means that you cannot use the water, electricity, gas and telephone divisions in the property! And these privileges will be revoked if the buyer does not have this certificate.
Important Note: The Certificate of Residence is granted only to completed projects and real estate, so if the seller cannot provide it to you if the property you wish to purchase is under construction or construction has been suspended. Don’t worry and don’t be scared! Because real estate under construction is also considered a completed property. You may have great information about the place you may be visiting for a holiday (or business) many times, but when it comes to buying a property, it opens up quite different life doors. do.



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