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Bilik Duzu is an area of ​​12 kilometers along the Black Sea coastline in Istanbul. Since ancient times the Ottoman emperors have come to spend their summer days there. The Roman emperors, of course, have an interest in the area as well, so that in parts of the city’s historical context you can find signs of the architectural style and elegance of Roman Byzantine design.

Beylikduzu is a vibrant, socially active area. The presence of the port, industrial complexes, universities, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants have made Bilik Duzu one of the most economically valuable areas in Istanbul. Here’s some important information about this area.

Billy Dozo: Where to stay?

Hotel Vespia

The 4-star Vespia Hotel has a restaurant, gym, pool, jacuzzi and bar. Breakfast is also served as an open menu. Located about one and a half miles from Marmara Shopping Center and about 32 miles to Istanbul Airport, this hotel is one of the ideal places for leisure in Bilik Duzu.

Hotel Hilton Garden Inn

The 4-star Hilton Garden Hotel is located in the heart of the Bilik Duzu Business District. The hotel has all the amenities you need. If your goal of traveling to the area is to do business like buy a house in Bilik Duzu, this hotel provides easy access to the area’s business centers. In addition, the hotel bar can be a great place to relax and unwind after a busy day.

Hotel Ibis Istanbul Esenyurt

If you’re looking for a comfortable and affordable stay in Bilik Duzu, the 3-star Ibis Hotel is the best option for you. The hotel is just 5 miles to the Tuapi Exhibition Center and 5 minutes’ walk to Marmara Shopping Center. In addition to convenient access, open-menu breakfasts and light meals at the hotel restaurant can make your stay unforgettable.

At Bilik Duzu: Where to eat?

If you are staying at a hotel, naturally the best option is to have your meal at the hotel restaurant. But while touring Istanbul’s Beylikduzu district, you may want to know a few good restaurants. Here are some of the good restaurants in the area:

Köşebaşı Beylikdüzü Restaurant

Located on Hurriyet Boulevard Dozo Boulevard, this restaurant offers a variety of Turkish and steak dishes. The restaurant’s interior is designed with a modern, stylish decoration that provides a pleasant place to eat.

Saklıköy 2 Restaurant

If you’re looking for inexpensive food and a fun environment to eat, you should definitely head to this restaurant. The saklivi restaurant has wooden huts built on water surrounded by greenery and trees. In addition to enjoying the beautiful vivée, the restaurant’s menu also includes a variety of Turkish barbecues served with salads and snacks.

Billy Dodge: Attractions

If you are in Bilik Duzu and do not know what to do and where to go, follow us to introduce the sights of this area.

Yaşam Vadisi: Valley of Life

Beylikduzu is a beautiful and lush area. The Valley of Life, as its name implies, is one of the most beautiful places in the area to be one of the most popular destinations for the Bilik Duzu people for a weekend getaway.

The Valley of Life has numerous pools and waterfalls covering an area of ​​nearly one million square meters. Various shows, movies and concerts are held at the venue during the summer. There are 2 cafés, 1 restaurant and 1 Japanese café. Life Valley is Istanbul’s largest city park.

Western Marina

Beylik Duzu has a large recreational complex called Marina that boasts more than 900 yachts for visitors, 14 cafes, restaurants, bars, a sports club and extensive green space. The complex is an ideal place to drink a cup of coffee or spend a romantic dinner at the seaside.

Marmara Park

Located inside the Marmara Shopping Complex, Marmara Park is one of the most prestigious shopping and leisure centers in Istanbul and the Beylikduzu area. In addition to shopping, the park also has a restaurant, a cinema, a sports club and a metro station.

Bilik Dozo: Where to buy?

Marmara Park Shopping Center

This shopping mall is located in Esenyurt Istanbul. This large center has several restaurants, a coffee shop and free parking across the Marmara Sea. If you are visiting Istanbul Bilik Duzu, this beautiful open-air shopping center is a great place to shop and have fun.


For Iranians heading to Istanbul, Bilik Duzu is a relatively inexpensive and pleasant climate to buy or rent. In this article we are going to say all that is needed about this region.



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