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Beauty salon in Istanbul

Beauty salon in Istanbul

If you have traveled or emigrated to Istanbul, then you are probably looking for its beauty salons. While many ladies and gentlemen are obsessed with beauty salons, it should be said that in Istanbul you should not worry about it. There are many professional and professional hairdressers in this city and a relatively low price makes it easy to imagine.

Of course, a beauty salon in Istanbul can have different possibilities and costs. If you are looking for a stylish salon with special services, then you will have to pay more. Following this article, in addition to examining the important points about visiting Istanbul beauty salons, we will also introduce a number of these salons.

Unlike Iran, you usually do not need to book in advance for men’s or women’s hairdressers in Istanbul. In addition, usually in most hairdressers, it is possible to save time on multiple faces, hair and toenails at the same time. So even if your flight is late or you need to go to a beauty salon before an important party or appointment, don’t worry! All your services are done in the shortest possible time.

The routine in Istanbul beauty salons is that you can request that one person work on your hair and another on your pedicure or manicure to save you time. Be careful though, in addition to paying for the hairdresser, you also need to pay a fee for these.

Istanbul Beauty Salons

Istanbul is a great city where you can naturally find great and prestigious venues where the greatest artists and celebrities of Turkey come. The following are some of these halls:

Toprak Breaker Beauty Salon

Toprak Beauty Salon is one of Istanbul’s ideal centers for hair styling and beauty where it offers world-class hair coloring, highlighting, shortening, shine and keratinizing. In addition, a variety of tattoos, implants and nail repair are also performed at this beauty center. The Toprak Breaker is located in Cody Cui, Fenriolo neighborhood.

Hirmafia Beauty Salon

As its name implies, it is a specialized hairdressing center ranked among the best in Istanbul. The center offers professional services in Istanbul’s best haircut, dyeing and hair shine. You must make a reservation in advance to visit this beauty salon.

Handicraft Beauty Salon

In addition to offering beauty services, this popular beauty salon also offers special masks to rejuvenate and brighten the skin. Customers at this salon are generally women who care about the beauty of their skin and the shine of their hair. It is interesting to know that the owners of this hairdresser are an Istanbul sibling. This hall is located in Adnan Saigon Kadasi.

Bucks Makas Beauty Salon

This salon is located in Istanbul’s Sihangir area and you can do everything from beauty to nails to shorts and hair color. Beyond Beauty Salon, besides the beauty salon, there is also a jewelry fair where you can buy your favorite jewelry. If you are bored, you will be served drinks such as coffee. The specialized area of ​​this salon is eyelash implantation.

Erhan Delan Beauty Salon

This beauty salon offers hair correction, haircut, eyelash implantation, chinion and hair coloring. Short haircut is one of the specialties of this salon and if you are looking for unique and unique hair, you should definitely visit this salon in Besiktas district of Istanbul.

Black & White Beauty Salon

If you are looking for beauty salons with a history in Istanbul, Black & White is one of the top hairdressers to be sure. This is a hairdresser and offers a variety of beauty and skin care services.


One of the concerns of Iranian immigrants in Istanbul is finding a professional and affordable beauty year. In this article we introduce the best hairdressers in Istanbul.








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