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a good reason to study in Turkey

a good reason to study in Turkey

10 good reasons to study in Turkey

Today, many young people study in a foreign country. Many factors have influenced the choice of students to study in this country and make them to overcome the challenge of living and studying in Turkey. Turkey is one of the countries that is a destination for many students because of its low cost and conditions, as well as its international credibility.
Here are some reasons to study in Turkey:
1. Cultural diversity in Turkey:
Turkey is a bridge between East and West, connecting Europe and Asia with proximity to Africa. A country with different cultures and beliefs that makes people feel at home. In fact, about 30,000 international students go to study in Turkey. And that is increasing in continental Europe, Africa, America and Asia.
2. Turkey’s friendly atmosphere:
Turks are warm and hospitable people. Everywhere you are invited to tea and the locals invite you to eat breakfast. Most Turks enjoy seeing foreigners and love to practice English.
3. Natural wonders:
Turkey has more than 5,000 miles of coastline and is covered by four different seas, the Mediterranean to the south, the Aegean to the west, the Black Sea to the north, and the Little Marble Sea just below Istanbul. The Kachkar Mountains in northeast Paradise are full of mysterious valleys, breathtaking scenery and rare wildlife.
4. Exciting Cities:
Istanbul, an exciting city with a population of 12 million, is one of the largest cities in the world and the only city to encompass two continents. The city is surrounded by the Bosphorus and the Marble Sea and is a cultural center with a fresh view of the Blue Mosque and the Mosque of Iasiofiya. Over the hills of Saglachi, Ankara is Turkey’s modern capital with a cultural heart. Adjacent to the Aegean coast, the port of Izmir is surrounded by olive groves and close to the almighty Roman ruins.
5. Rich History:
Turkey is an open-air museum, full of ancient sites and ancient ruins, and witness to the many civilizations that have emerged and flourished here, including Greece, Rome, Constantinople and the Ottomans. Here are the well-preserved Patial Hoyuk Neolithic artifacts, the famous city of Troy, and the statue of Roman and Iranian gods on Mount Nimrod, which UNESCO has set aside as one of the eight wonders of the world.
6. Delicious foods:
From delicious tasty cakes and barbecues on the streets of Istanbul to fresh fish, grilled corn, and seafood sold on the beach, Turkish cuisine combines delectable South Asian, Mediterranean, Caucasian and Balkan cuisine. You get used to eating olives and cheese early in the morning, drinking yogurt with every meal, and reviving Turkish tea.
7. Temperate Water:
Istanbul and Izmir have hot and dry summers and humid and cold winters. Ankara has hot and dry summers and snowy and cold winters.
8. High educational standards:
Higher education in Turkey has undergone a real revolution in recent decades. Not only is the number of universities increasing, but the quality of education provided has also increased. Turkey is one of the countries with rapid economic growth, reflecting its ambition to complete the international market for international students.
Degrees obtained by Turkish universities are recognized worldwide and many programs are taught in English, especially in fields such as engineering, international communication and business. Many Turkish universities have modern campus facilities and sophisticated facilities.
9. Simply put:
Tuition fees and the cost of living in Turkey are lower than in most US countries, while the quality of education is high. Scholarships are also available that cover not only tuition but also aids, insurance and travel expenses.
10. English is widely spoken
An increasing number of courses in Turkish universities are taught in English and recommend English learning. English is spoken in most Turkish cities and tourist areas.



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